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Chronic Pain Program


Chronic Pain Program CHRONIC PAIN PROGRAM – THE BENEFITS OF PARTICIPATION IN A PAIN MANAGEMENT PROGRAM Chronic pain can be caused from a fall or some sort of accident. According to the latest statistics, there is an estimated 50 million people who are suffering from some form of chronic pain that is affecting their life [...]

Chronic Pain Program2020-08-23T17:39:49-04:00

Chiropractors and Workers’ Compensation


Chiropractors and Workers' Compensation A recent study, "Health Maintenance Care in Work-Related Low Back Pain and its Association with Disability Recurrence” has concluded that chiropractic care is a more effective treatment for common work related back pain then treatment by a physical therapist or a physician. Injured workers who were treated by chiropractors showed less [...]

Chiropractors and Workers’ Compensation2020-08-23T17:36:41-04:00

Benefits of Manual and Massage Therapy


Benefits of Manual and Massage Therapy After receiving an injury in the workplace one of the biggest concerns for both the injured employee and the employer is the employee’s quick and full recovery and a prompt return to work capacity. In most injury cases one thing the doctor will do to aid the patient’s recovery [...]

Benefits of Manual and Massage Therapy2020-08-23T17:37:09-04:00

Back Injuries Caused by Car Accident


Back Injuries Caused by Car Accident In 2011, San Antonio, Texas had the second highest total in Auto Accidents with 28,212 in the State of Texas based on the validation of The Texas Peace Officers report in June 2012. Most of the population will be involved in at least one car accident within their lives. [...]

Back Injuries Caused by Car Accident2020-08-23T17:37:18-04:00

Back and Neck Pain Management


Back and Neck Pain Management An Injury to the back or neck can result in a great deal of lingering pain, which can delay or even prevent your full recovery if not properly managed. Since the causes of pain in the back are widely varied there is no one perfect solution to back and neck [...]

Back and Neck Pain Management2020-08-23T17:37:32-04:00

Ankle Injuries & Rehabilitation Services


Ankle Injuries and Rehabilitation Services Ankle injuries are some of the most common work place injuries reported to worker’s compensation. The feet and ankles contain nearly 25% of the bones in the body and combined with all of the muscles and tendons make up a complicated, finely balanced mechanism which can easily be damaged by [...]

Ankle Injuries & Rehabilitation Services2020-08-23T17:37:45-04:00