Back and Neck Pain Management

An Injury to the back or neck can result in a great deal of lingering pain, which can delay or even prevent your full recovery if not properly managed. Since the causes of pain in the back are widely varied there is no one perfect solution to back and neck pain, but there are several methods that can be used to help manage the pain.


Medication is the most common type of treatment for any type of pain, and one that is readily available to all. There are many types of over the counter pain medications available, which are suitable for small degrees of pain, and more intense pain medication can be prescribed by your doctor. Pain medication is not a cure for the pain, and will not fix the problem, but it can help alleviate the pain while undergoing treatment or an injury is healing. Pain medication is considered to be very addictive, and is not a good choice for the long term treatment of pain. In addition to the risk of addiction the long term use of pain medication can also cause ulcers, liver damage and other negative effects.


Physical therapy is commonly prescribed alongside medication by doctors for those who are suffering from back and neck pain. The therapy uses a variety of methods to strengthen the muscles and joints in the injured regions and can be an effective method for decreasing pain for the long term.


For those who have been suffering with back pain for an extended time, a chiropractor may be the perfect solution. Chiropractors focus on non-surgical treatments of disorders that affect the nervous system or the musculoskeletal systems. These treatments generally focus on pain that is in the regions of the Mid and Lower back, the neck, joints, or for those with headaches. Chiropractors help with back pain through different methods such as spinal manipulation and manual manipulation. These techniques are types of massage that use a high velocity, short lever arm thrust which is applied to vertebra that are misaligned. When applied correctly this technique can reduce nerve irritability and restore a normal range of motion.


While still often considered to be alternative medicine acupuncture has been shown to have pain relieving qualities that may be useful as a treatment for back and neck pain. The methods used in acupuncture stimulate the central nervous system, releasing chemicals throughout the body that help to numb pain.


Warmth and heat have long since been considered to have healing properties and have been associated with relaxation and comfort. Heat therapy goes further than just simple relaxation though and when properly applied can provide pain relief for back and neck pain. This therapy uses heating pads, wraps, hot baths, and warm gel packs to warm, and relax areas that are in pain, allowing tension to release in the muscles reducing pain.


As an alternative to heat therapy, ice applications are one of the most proven methods for treating sore backs and necks. Best if applied shortly after an injury, or activity causing soreness, ice helps to reduce swelling, which can cause pressure on the nerves increasing pain.

If you are suffering from regular or prolonged back and neck pain the specialist at AAA Medical Solutions are available to help. Their team of doctors will be able to diagnose the location where the pain is originating and suggest a treatment plan to reduce and prevent pain.