Benefits of Manual and Massage Therapy

After receiving an injury in the workplace one of the biggest concerns for both the injured employee and the employer is the employee’s quick and full recovery and a prompt return to work capacity. In most injury cases one thing the doctor will do to aid the patient’s recovery is prescribe physical therapy. This is true in non-workers comp cases too, anytime the patient is seeking a fast, complete recovery. There are several different types of physical therapy; one of the most popular types of physical therapy used at AAA Medical Solutions is Manual and Massage Therapy.


Manual Therapy is a type of physical therapy that is administered with the hands instead of any type of machines or other devices. For these therapy sessions the therapist will often massage or use their hands to apply pressure to muscle tissue and joints in order to decrease pain caused muscles tension, spasms, joint dysfunction and other factors.

Manual therapy can also include several other treatment types in addition to massage. Myofascial release is a new development in the therapy field. This treatment is a gentler, hands on treatment aiming at lowering pain and increasing muscle flexibility by realigning fascia and the muscle to which it is connected to a more relaxed condition. Myofasical treatment allows muscles to stretch further. Strain-counterstrain is a form of Manual therapy that concentrates on relieving pain. This therapy involves flexing the injured limb to find the positions that cause the least amount of pain, and working to expand that pain free zone. Joint Mobilization is similar to Strain-counterstrain, in that it involves the manual manipulation of the joint, but this therapy is focused on expanding the range of mobility for the joint. The final form of Manual Therapy commonly used is Muscle Energy. This therapy requires the injured party to flex their muscles against a counterforce. Manual and Massage Therapy is used post injury as well as a preemptive treatment, to help decrease the odds of an injury occurring. There are many benefits of Manual and Massage therapy, including;


Manual and Massage therapy has many benefits when used after an Injury has occurred. A few examples of these are;

  • Relieve Stress: Which can help to reduce heart rate, and lower cortisol and insulin levels.
  • Increase Cell Metabolism: By increasing the cell metabolism in the injured part, recovery can be hastened.
  • Increased Flexibility in the Injured Muscles. Massage can help injured or scarred tissue to regain some of its previous flexibility.
  • Relieving Muscle Spasms: Spasms can be caused by an injured muscle or a buildup of calcium in the spasming muscles. Whatever the cause of the spasm, Massage Therapy can be used to reduce the symptoms.
  • Relief of Pain: In Manual and Massage Therapy pain relief is often induced through Strain-counterstrain therapy. For this the injured joint, muscles, or limb will be worked until a position is found that has the least pain. The afflicted part is the manually worked to increase the area that is pain free.


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