Common Workers' Compensation Injuries

No matter how safe the workplace and how safe the employees there are many, common workplace injuries that can happen to anyone. These common injuries happen in most job fields, and often are not the fault of the employee, and as such, the employee is eligible to file for workers compensation to pay for their medical expenses and lost wages. Some examples of these common worker’s compensation claims are injuries caused by;

Slips, Trips and Falls

Injuries caused by slips, trips and falls are some of the most common injuries workers make claims for. These injuries are often caused by slipping on a wet floor, or in the snow. Worker’s compensation makes a distinction for falls where the worker falls and lands on the same level, and accidents where the worker falls from a high level to a lower one. The common injuries of this type are sprain, fractured or even broke limbs, damage to the lower back, spinal damage, and in some cases, head trauma.


Overexertion is the cause of many injuries related to lifting, leaning, pulling, or pushing. Any injury caused by the employee pushing their body past its limits, leading to damage. These injuries commonly include sprained muscles in the back, stress fractures, shoulder, knee and other joint damage and soreness.

Bodily Reaction

Similar to overexertion, bodily reaction is commonly caused when the employee trips but does not fall, or leans overextending themselves. These injuries can also be caused by repeated movement over time, such as standing and sitting over and over, or typing for long periods of time. The most common injuries of this type are damage to the ankles and knees, but other injuries include sprains, pulled muscles, back pain, carpel tunnel and tendonitis.

Being Struck by an Object

In any workplace there is the risk of being struck by an object. This could be something falling from a higher level such as a shelf, a piece of machinery moving across the factory, or even a football being tossed by coworkers. So long as the object that strikes the employee was not being controlled by that employee their injuries can qualify as being struck by an object. Common injuries that are caused by an employee being struck by objects include, head trauma and concussions, fractured or broken bones, bruises and black eyes, sprains, back damage, and lacerations.

Employee Striking Object

When an employee is injured by walking into a doorframe, or hitting their head on a shelf these injuries are consider to be of the struck against an object category. These injuries can be caused by the employee hitting something, but also by the employee being thrown or pushed into another object. The injuries caused are generally the same as those cause by objects striking the employee, though there are more bruises, concussions, and sprains.


While electrical injuries are most common amongst those workers in the construction industry they can happen in every workplace. Often caused by faulty wiring electrical injuries include burns and electrical shock.

Traffic or Automobile Accidents

This is one of the most common injury types because many businesses and employers have company cars that workers use as part of their job’s duties. If they are in an accident while operating, or as a passenger in, a company vehicle while working then they are able to claim their injuries under worker’s compensation. While the injuries caused by a traffic accident can vary widely depending on the nature of the accident some of the most common are neck and back pain caused by whiplash, broken and fractures bones, sprained joints and other impact injuries.