Importance of Work Conditioning

Accidents and injuries in the workplace are inevitable. Make sure that your employees get back to work safely and are provided with a smooth transition to prevent them from being injured on the job again. To be able to address your employees’ needs on the area of occupational health, it’s important to get them into a good work-conditioning program.

What is work conditioning?

Work conditioning is a personalized, occupation-oriented plan aimed at restoring a client’s movement, endurance, flexibility, and strength to facilitate his or her safe re-entry to the workforce. It provides a smooth shift from acute care to fully returning to work, while tackling limits to physical tolerance, drive, safety, and worker behaviors.

Tasks given in the conditioning plan are designed so that the different bodily functions are gradually engaged towards regaining the client’s productivity and ability. Patients are trained in exercises that progressively condition them to returning to their particular work tasks, such as simulated and actual work movements. These activities are designed to improve their chances of returning to work. The central goal of work conditioning is patients’ safe return to the work environment.

Clients are referred for work conditioning when they have exhausted usual therapies but are not yet prepared to get back on the job. Work conditioning is also a way of establishing whether an employee is ready to resume working. The program makes the client more proactive in his or her rehabilitation, shifting their behavior and perception from “patient” to “worker”. It speeds up the clients’ physical recovery at the same time reducing the probability of long-term disability. It cuts financial losses due to failure to work.

Clients are given assistance in weekly goal-setting to returning the injured employee back to the work place safely. Aside from increasing strength, endurance, and mobility, work conditioning also gives the injured employee the confidence that returning to work is within reason and capacity.

Aside from those who show no progress from physical therapy, employees who are prone to and are high-risk for musculoskeletal injury are also referred to the program.

Call in the Experts

AAA Medical Solutions is among San Antonio’s best work conditioning team. Our expert therapeutic and medical team is led by Dr. Richard Alexander, D.C. and provides total and professional chiropractic services from pain management, physical therapy, workers’ compensation, among other services. We employ the most efficient methods of chronic and physical pain therapy. This includes alternative treatment solutions for the following:

  • Neck and Back Pain
  • Elbow and shoulder injuries
  • Ankle, Hip, and Knee injuries
  • Knee and total hip replacements
  • Muscle strains and sprains
  • Muscle overuse injuries
  • Occupation-related injuries
  • Pre- and Post- Surgery Rehabilitation
  • Massage and Manual Therapy
  • Fibromylgia
  • Work Conditioning

While work-related injuries and accidents are unavoidable, mitigate damage by referring your employees to expert professionals for work conditioning. Make their transition back to work easier, faster, and SAFER with AAA Medical Solutions.

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