Injuries from Slips and Falls

It happens all the time, somebody is walking along, minding their own business, and they slip on a wet floor, or trip over the curb. Generally it is no big deal. That person pulls themselves up, and after glancing around nervously to see if anyone noticed, goes on their way. This is not always the case however. The United States Department of Labor reports such slips, trips, and falls as being one of the most common types of industrial accident, causing 15% of all accidental deaths across the country. That is second only to auto accidents. Of course, most slips, trips, and falls will not be nearly as dangerous, though they can still cause serious accidents. There are different types of injuries that can be sustained from these accidents, depending on how or where you fall and your body frame.

Injuries from Slipping

As mentioned, the majority of the time, a slip and fall will cause nothing but a bruise to the ego. Other times even a slight fall can cause fractured bones, bruising, skin lacerations, brain damage, and even in some extreme cases internal bleeding or damage to organs. Minor back injuries are often caused by falling, and a fall from an elevation can cause severe spinal trauma. The risk of injury is even greater for the elderly, some of whom, if injured while falling would lack the strength to pull themselves back up. This is simply because they have brittle bones and are more susceptible to injuries accordingly.

How to Prevent a Fall

There is not really much that can be done to prevent a fall. They most important thing is to be alert and careful of your surroundings at all times. Watch where you are walking, and be mindful of ice and other hazards that might cause you to trip. In the workplace, always be mindful when working on an elevated surface. In the state of Florida, the US Department of Labor reports that 17% of agricultural related workplace injuries are cause by falling from an elevated level. Paying attention to where you are going is just as important at home. Make sure to keep walkways clear of obstructions. Stairways and hallways should also be clear, and well lit.

What should I Do When I Fall

After a fall you should first asses yourself for injuries. Make sure that nothing hurts too much before you attempt to stand up. If you believe you are injured, try to test your strength before getting on your feet, because the last thing you will want is to fall again. After you get up, continue to pay attention to your body, and if something starts to hurt or the pain increases, you should seek medical attention right away. If you end up hitting your head, you might need to be checked for a concussion. Additionally, the back is easily injured from falling, and trauma may not be obvious until the next day. If a sore or injured back persists, see a San Antonio Chiropractor right away for treatment. Pay attention over the next few days, because injuries might not always appear right away.

Property Owner Liability

Property owner liability is always a difficult issue to deal with. When is a trip due to the property owner’s negligence, and when it is the fault of the individual who fell? If you feel like your fall or injury was a result of a property owner’s negligence, you may have a case and should at least get a consultation from a San Antonio Personal Injury Attorney. The lawyer can help you to build a case proving that the injury was because of property negligence and not your own fault.