Injuries From Slips, Trips and Falls

In the workplace the most common cause of employee injuries is slips trips and falls. These are often not caused by employee negligence but are caused by simple things like wet floors and dark passages. While a slip is usually just something to be a bit embarrassed by, and may cause worry about whether your co-workers witnessed your less than graceful moment, these minor accidents can still cause pretty serious injuries.

Back Injuries:

One of the more serious injuries caused by slips, trips and falls, back injuries are often caused by the wrenching motion of the fall, in addition to any actual damage caused by the landing. These falls will often result in pain in the lower back. Often times this pain will fade away completely after a day or two but anytime a vital area like the spine is possibly injured it is advisable to consult with a doctor. After a fall, common back injuries include pinched back muscles, ruptured disk, and fractured or dislocated disk. Your doctor will be able to refer you to specialist whom can help heal the damage.

Broken and Fractured Bones:

Most people will break or fracture a bone at some point in their life. Many of us broke and fractured bones as children as a result of a slip trip and fall. It does not take a very long fall to damage a bone, and often the angle of impact can do as much damage as the distance or force of the fall. The various bones in the arms, wrist and hands are the most common ones to be broken in this type of accident, as they are often hastily thrown out when a person falls. The risk of these injuries are always more serious for the elderly whose bones are considerably more brittle.

Head Trauma:

As well as any damage to the back head trauma is probably the most serious of the injuries resulting from a slip trip or fall. A minor slip can result in a blow to the head and a concussion while a more serious fall can cause the skull to be crushed, or fractured. Any type of blow to the head can cause partial brain damage which can have unpredictable, but serious consequences for the injured party.


A hyperextension injury occurs when a joint, tendon, or muscle is forced to move beyond its normal range of motion. These injuries are common following slips, trips and falls, as the jerking motion, and contortions of the fall pull the limbs and joints in unexpected and unusual directions. Even a partial slip, where the faller catches them self can result in a hyperextension injury in a leg, if it was twisted or pulled during the slip.

Cuts and Lacerations:

Everybody has skinned a knee during their childhood, so it is well known that falling can cause a cut or scrape to the body. And the more serious the fall, the more serious the laceration. Falling from a small height and bumping a corner can result in a pretty deep gouge. Tripping down a set of stairs can easily result in scraps all over the body, from the impact with the steps.

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