Medical Clearance for Workers' Compensation

After being injured at work, and claiming workers compensation it is necessary for the injured employee to visit a doctor frequently. The primary purpose of these visits is so that the doctor may supervise the employee’s recovery. The doctor will prescribe of course of treatments with medication and therapy as needed to ensure that the employee is returned to full work capacity as quickly as possible. The doctor is also responsible for verifying the extent of the employee’s injury to the insurance company so that the employee cannot claim to be more injured then they are. After the employee has made a full recovery, the doctor will be the one to grant them the medical clearance to return to work.

Types of Medical Clearance

There are two main types of medical clearance, the clearance to start taking the workers compensation, and the clearance to return to work. The first type of clearance will be determined by the doctor when the injured worker first files their claim. Your primary doctor will verify that the employee is injured, and should not work, and then a second doctor will back up that diagnosis, and grant the employee their workers compensation.

The second main type of medical clearance is when the employee is ready to return to work. The doctor will be asked to evaluate the patient. During this evaluation the doctor will check to ensure that the injured employee is ready to return to work and will have a minimal chance for a relapse of the injury causing them to have to take another leave from the job.

There is a third type of medical clearance that is sometimes used, clearance for a medical procedure, or other activity. This medical clearance is just to state that the medical procedure should be permitted by the workers compensation board or that a physical activity will not aggravate the injury and the injured employee can engage in it without risking their workers compensation settlement.

How To get Medical Clearance to Return to Work

In Texas there are two main types of return to work Medical Clearance used. The first is just for small, minor injuries, where the employer requires that an injured employee goes to get checked over by a doctor following a workplace injury. If the worker is found to be physically sound, the doctor will give them a note stating that they are ready to return to work.

For more serious cases where an employee has been receiving workers compensation a more extensive medical clearance will usually be required before the injured party can be cleared for work. The patient will have to speak to their doctor about their desire to return to their workplace duties. The doctor will then evaluate the injured employee, determining the state of their injuries and recovery. The doctor will then sign a not allowing the employee to return to work on a set day, or they may permit a return to partial work duties. A partial work duty means that while the patina is not fully recovered, they can handle parts of their job. The doctor will have to sign a note, or possibly fill out a state medical release form, depending on the employer and the nature of the workers compensation claim.

Who Can Grant Medical Clearance?

In the San Antonio region AAA Medical Solutions is here for all of your workers compensation needs. They have a full team of specialist who are ready to help with the initial evaluation, to make a full recovery, and for a speedy medical release back to full work capability. If you have any questions regarding your medical release, please contact the AAA office at 210-495-0086.