Occupational Injuries and Care

Falls are one of the most common occupational injuries. According to a study from the National Safety Council, more than 212,000 people were injured on the job as a result of a fall. Frequent Injuries

Construction workers are more prone to falls and accidents due to their work environment. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates the highest number of deaths due to falls in the construction sector, especially among the wholesale, retail, and health services industries. However, movers, building and maintenance workers are also at risk.

Reasons for Occupational Injuries

Work related injuries are a serious manner. Some of the most common reasons such injuries occur in the first place, has much to do with the condition and building environment. You’re more prone to slip in cluttered or slippery conditions. Additionally, small holes in cement or the sidewalk outside of the office should also be addressed. If an employee falls on the employer’s property due to negligence on the employer’s behalf, that may be grounds for a lawsuit.

Financial Burden

Falling does not just hurt the employee; it can also hurt the employer financially. The National Safety Council estimates upwards of $70 billion worth of worker’s comp and medical bills associated to falls on the job each year.


If you thought you’re medical bills were enough to set you back, there’s more. Often times, work-related injuries require emergency care and follow up treatments, and in some cases prescription medication and physical therapy. It is best to work with a team of experts that understand how to deal with your Worker’s Compensation case. Occupational Therapists are responsible for getting your health and strength back to full swing, so you can be confident at the work site, not worrying about the potential chance of additional injuries or putting a burden on your pre-existing condition.

Care Matters

The type of care you receive will impact your recovery time and performance on and off the job. We understand how frustrating and complicated worker’s compensation cases can be. Dr. Alexander and his team of professionals put the patient first. We are the only full-scale case management company dealing with physical therapy, chiropractic care, pain management, and personal injury care, among other treatments in San Antonio.

No injury is too big or too small for us to deal with at AAA Medical Solutions. We strive to provide the best comprehensive worker’s compensation and personal injury care. Our staff understands the importance of thorough reports and top-notch individual care. We will provide you with the proper documentation for your personal injury or worker’s comp case.

Dr. Richard Alexander is a highly respected physician in the San Antonio area. We take advantage of effective and cutting edge treatments, procedures, and technology to help us provide quality care.

AAA Medical Solutions LLC offers treatment and physical rehabilitation care for worker’s compensation or personal injuries including the following:

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