Pain Management and Massage Therapy

Chronic pain is a debilitating problem that many adults suffer. This can leave the sufferer feeling isolated and without any options. Many people feel like they have no choice but to turn to pain medication which can cause problems all on its own, such as addiction and dependence on the medication. There are many holistic pain relief options advertised but perhaps the most effective of these is massage.

How Does Massage Help Pain?

Massage is a type of manual therapy that involves applying pressure to muscles and joints to promote relaxation in the muscles and deep tissues. Massage also helps to improve the flow of blood, and release toxins from the tissue. Massage is also for those seeking to relive tension or stress. Studies have shown that massage can be useful for relieving all different types of pain such as that caused by fibromyalgia, arthritis, injuries, or other causes. The cause of chronic pain will be different for every sufferer, but a skilled massage therapist can help relieve pain by focusing on three main areas with massage;

  • Reducing Muscle Tension
  • Improving Circulation
  • Improving Movement

Injuries and stress will cause the muscles to contract around the painful areas to protect the body. This tension can cause chronically tight muscles that pinch nerves and cause pain, numbness and a tingling sensation. Massage can help relieve this causes of chronic pain by stretching the muscles and correcting their positioning.

Tight muscles can cause tightness in the veins which will lead to poor blood circulation which may lead to a buildup of waste in the sore areas. This can lead to a feeling of fatigue and increased soreness. This waste in the body can bother the nerves and spread the pain to other parts of the body. Poor circulation can lead to the development of tender points that spread pain to other area of the body. Massage can relive these tender spots and stimulate the flow of blood around the body.

The chronic pain can over time reduce the flexibility and range of motion for the sufferer. This can make it hard for the afflicted person to even go about their daily activities. As time goes by this limited motion can get worse as the muscles remain contracted and stiffen. A skilled massage therapist will be able to increase the range of motion by working the muscles to stretch and lengthen the tissue.

For sufferers of chronic pain, the pain can often flow in a cycle, where pain creates tender spots, buildup of toxic waste, and tight, stiff muscles, all of which will lead to more and more pain. While pain medication is an effective short turn pain relief, it is not effective over time. Massage can often be a viable long term treatment for suffers of chronic pain. AAA Medical Solutions LLC, in San Antonio has a full team of Manuel therapist and Massage specialist who will be able to help diagnose your pain, its causes and work with massage therapy specialist to device a unique therapy schedule and treatment plan to target the locations of your pain and stiffness.

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