Pain Management for Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder pain is most commonly caused by one or more shoulder injuries. People sustain shoulder injuries in a variety of ways, workplace accidents and sport related mishaps are probably the most common. Even a small injury has the potential for causing a great deal of pain over time, and after an accident it is always best to deal with the pain quickly. There are four main ways of managing shoulder pain that is caused by accidents; these are some of their main pros and cons.


A pharmaceutical cure for your pains may be available depending on the severity and exact cause of your pain. There is a wide variety of over the counter pain medications available as well as an even wider variety of medication that your doctor will be able to prescribe. Before starting any new medication, you should always talk to your doctor first to be sure that the medication will not cause any unexpected side effects, or counter-react with any other medication that you are on. Patients who are considering taking pain medication should be aware of side effects of long term pain medication usage. Some of these side effects are ulcers, liver problems, and heart disease. Pain medication is also considered to be addictive. Using pain medicine for shoulder pain is not a cure, in and of itself, but can help manage and lessen a constant pain.

Physical Therapy:

Often in conjunction with pain medication, physical therapy is often prescribed by doctors following shoulder injuries. There are a wide variety of types of physical therapy available, and your doctor can help you to figure out which type is best for your injury. Physiotherapy is considered to be the most helpful thing for shoulder pain, as this type of therapy with will reduce the chances of frozen shoulder, a painful condition that occurs when pain causes the patient to stop using their shoulder, resulting in the muscles in the shoulder locking, or freezing, causing greater levels of pain. If the shoulder was injured in a workplace accident, then the worker’s compensation policy should cover all the therapy needed. While physical therapy may not be able to completely cure a shoulder injury, it does have the greatest efficiency in reducing pain, and increasing the range of pain free motion and usage of the injured shoulder.

Alternative Therapies:

There are a wide variety of other therapies available for those suffering from shoulder injuries, other than pain medication and physical therapy. These are considered to be alternative therapies even though many of them are now complete mainstream, with benefits that are recognized by most doctors. Alternative therapies are often preferred by those who prefer a more natural approach to healing, often without the use of medication. These therapies are usually just as effective as other approaches to pain management. Examples of alternative therapies are Acupuncture, Chiropractic Massage, and Naprapathy. Your doctor will be able to help refer you to an alternative therapist who is fully licensed and accredited.


If none of the other approaches to managing your shoulder pain work then there may be no choice but to consider surgery. Surgery should always be a last resort option because the results cannot be fully guaranteed, and has been known to make the problem worse. If you feel that shoulder surgery is the only option for your pain, consult with your doctor.

For those suffering from pain from shoulder injuries in the San Antonio area AAA Medical Solutions is here to help. Their team of specialist can help you decide on the pain management approach that will work best for your injuries.