Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment Options

There are many different musculoskeletal diseases of the body that can impact its productivity and its overall strength. They can be very mild or extremely debilitating depending on their inherent nature. Among the most common of these conditions is the affliction known as Fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is complicated and confusing and can display as a different condition, which can make diagnosing very difficult. The following explains more about this condition, from its symptoms to its potential remedies, and who may be able to help you if you are suffering.

Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia displays in the body most commonly as joint or muscular pain. This pain is often present in the back, hands, and knees, though not limited to these areas. Sometimes, the pain of having fibromyalgia can be so bad that individuals must miss work, become socially isolated due to fear of being out when the pain becomes too much, and the condition can even lead to issues with depression. A chronic condition like Fibromyalgia which presents in such a common way can be very problematic. Doctors and healthcare professionals often consider other sources of the pain before choosing the diagnosis of this condition. For that reason, it can be very difficult and a long wait for an individual to become accurately assessed and, thus, remedies sought.


Another reason that Fibromyalgia is so difficult to diagnose is because there are no concrete answers on what causes it. If no risk factors or causal links are known, then, it is difficult to assess those who may be at a potential risk. Studies and research have shown that women are the most likely candidate for this condition, with over ten million females being impacted in the US alone. The condition is known to present most commonly in women who are between the mid-twenties mark and upwards of sixty years old. The range of ages also makes it difficult to assess causes, but researches are currently looking at the link between hormone levels, types of hormones in the body, and this condition. Others, however, believe that stress and a lack of physical health and strength are to blame.

Treatments for the Condition of Fibromyalgia

Though causes may not be known, there are some treatments that doctors commonly utilize in order to gain relief for their patients. There are several medications that are given to patients in order to combat the chronic symptoms of this disorder. Specifically, qualified medical professionals who have assessed and diagnosed the condition Cymbalta, Lyrica, and Savella are drugs commonly prescribed to alleviate pain in the body, muscles, and joints. They are also utilized to help ease nerve ending pain as well though every patient will differ in their responses to them. Other methods of treatment include physical and chiropractic therapies as well as massage which can help to strengthen the body and the joints and ease muscle pain.

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