The Importance of Physical Therapy after Sports Accident

Sports related accidents and injuries are among the most common injuries suffered by Americans. In 2000-2001 sports related accidents accounted for nearly 16 percent of all non-fatal trips to hospital emergency rooms. In youth aged 10-14 years the number jumps to 46 percent of ER visits. Sports injuries are common. Our aging population and desire for healthier, more active lifestyles means that the risk of sports accidents is a constant hazard.

Fortunately, most sports related accidents are non-life threatening and treatable. Typical injuries range from swollen muscles, to sprains, to fractures and head trauma. While many accidents result in minor injuries which can be treated at home it is important to know when to seek medical attention. The National Institutes of Health suggests that professional medical care be sought if; severe pain, numbness or swelling is present, the affected area is unable to support weight, or increased swelling is noticed in a lingering injury. In addition, a Doctor should be consulted any time the full extent of the injury is unknown.

Even minor sports accidents can create a significant burden if the injured person is forced to take time off work in order to heal. What may have begun as an inconvenience becomes a significant problem when it affects a person’s day to day life. Under these circumstances it is important to find a medical team with expertise in the field of sports injuries in order to properly diagnose the injury and prescribe therapy.

Therapy is an instrumental element of post injury care. Seeking medical help immediately following the injury can help speed recovery and avoid any lingering issues. Injuries left untreated can continue to cause chronic discomfort and pain, and potentially lead to more serious complications in the future. Even injuries that appear to be fully healed can return to cause problems down the road. When an injury is left untreated, the body will compensate for the weakened area by putting added stress on muscles and tendons that were not designed to be used in this way. A professionally administered therapeutic regimen will allow the affected area to heal properly and return to normal.

AAA Medical Solutions has a team of medical professionals who specialize in sports related injuries. Following a diagnoses, our specialists will be able to provide a suitable recovery and rehabilitation plan to ensure that issues related to the accident do not persist. As the leading provider of comprehensive care in San Antonio, AAA Medical Solutions has the staff, training and experience to handle all types of sports injuries. Its range of medical and therapeutic services includes the following:

  • Shoulder Injuries

Elbow Injuries

  • Overuse Injuries

Massage Therapy

  • All Joint Injuries
  • Sprains


  • Surgical Rehabilitation

Our Therapists will work with you to give you the most complete care available. Injury specific rehabilitation programs are designed on a patient to patient basis. Progress is monitored to ensure a return to normal activities as soon as medically possible.

AAA Medical services is proud to offer the best comprehensive care for sport related injuries in the San Antonio vicinity.