The Top Five Injuries On The Job

Many employees get injured at work, though this is not always because their job is especially dangerous. Sometimes people are just careless, and sometimes accidents happen. The top five causes of on the job injuries make up almost 72% of all reported workplace injuries. These injuries are mostly avoidable, if proper precaution is taken.


According to Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, the number one leading cause of work place mishaps is overexertion. This type of injury are injuries are common when the job involves heavy lifting, pushing, pulling, carrying, or any other task that requires repeated strenuous activities. These injuries are most often lower back pain, and torn ligaments or other damage to the shoulders and upper back.

Bodily Reaction

Jobs that require the employee to make repetitive motions, like standing up and sitting repeatedly, bending over, or any other type of work that puts a constant strain on your joints. These injuries are commonly pain in the afflicted joints, swelling, and even bruising. This type of injury accounts for about ten percent of all reported workplace injuries.


There are two categories for falling, falling from a height and falling on a level surface. These two categories combined are 25% of reported on the job injuries with falls on the same level being about 15%. The exact nature of the injury will vary depending on the level the employee falls from, though the most common injuries are scrapes and bruises, sprains and other damage to limbs and head injuries.

Struck By Object

Liberty Mutual list injuries caused by an employee being struck by an object as causing about ten percent of reported workers injuries. These injuries will vary widely, but bruising and impact injuries are most common. A similar category is employee struck object, which is commonly used when the employee walks into a wall or door causing harm to themselves. This category accounts for about 4% of work place injuries.


Liberty Mutual has several other categories, such as repetitive motion injuries and auto accidents, listed as causing the majority of other workplace injuries.

The Role Industry Plays

The common types of work place injuries varies a lot from industry to industry, but there are still common themes prevalent in all fields. For instance, for Archaeologist, the most common cause of injury are; the sun or heat, dehydration, car accidents, falling in pits, and repetitive motion injuries. The list of injuries is pretty much the same for the construction industry, but while the risk are different in an office setting, office workers still have to be careful of repetitive motion injuries and auto accidents. So while the risk and activities might change, the common injuries are similar for most fields.

The Role Doctors Play

Doctors play a huge role in work place injury cases because it is largely their opinion that decides the severity of a workers injury. If a doctor does not think is severe enough the worker will have to continue working, or face dismissal. Doctors are also valuable in catching some work place injuries, like those caused by repetitive motion early, before they can become severe.

The Role Lawyers Play

Lawyers play a duo role in work place injury cases. Lawyers will help an injured employee argue their case and get the benefits that they think they deserve, while at the same time, lawyers for the employer and insurance company will argue that the severity of the injury does not merit workers comp. In this way, the skill of a lawyer can affect in the future which injuries are commonly treated as meriting workers comp, and which are ignored.