Treating Common Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries are among the most common injuries in the United States. The most frequently reported and treated non fatal workplace injuries are:

The most common methods of workplace injury are overexertion, often resulting in a strain or pulled muscle, falls from heights or on slippery surfaces, being struck by objects, vehicle accidents, and repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Treating common workplace injuries can vary depending on the severity and nature of the injury. Minor injuries, especially bruises and small cuts, can often be treated at home with minimal loss of work time. Other more severe injuries will require a more intensive recovery plan, often involving a team of interdisciplinary medical professionals with the appropriate tools to see the patient through diagnosis, any necessary rehabilitation therapy, and finally return to work. It is important to remember that all workplace injuries must be well documented. Medical attention is recommended even if the injury does not appear severe in nature. Properly documented injuries will protect the worker in the event that any future complications arise.

Recovery from common workplace injuries often begins with rest at home. Rest, ice, compression and elevation are usually recommended, depending on the type of injury. Once a medical professional determines that enough healing has progressed to a satisfactory point, work with a Therapist can commence. Initial exercises will be geared toward increasing range of motion. As strength in the affected area returns, the frequency and level of physical activity can be increased. Certified Therapists are trained to monitor progress and prescribe appropriate exercises in order to affect a speedy and full recovery from injury.

There are many factors to be taken into consideration when choosing a health care provider to treat common workplace injuries. Dealing with worker’s compensation rules and regulations can be a major headache for those unfamiliar with the system. Working with a medical office that is familiar with workplace injuries ensures that the patient’s benefits under his insurance plan are maximized. Therapists require national certifications to ensure competency and experience working with workplace injuries is an asset.

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