What Records a Patient Needs to File Workers' Compensation Claim

After being injured on the job no one wants to deal with a complicated bureaucracy, so that is why it is important for an injured employee to be sure they obtain and retain all of the correct documentations and records before the file their claim. This is a general list of forms and documentation that will be needed during the workers comp claim filing process. The actual paper work may vary in your state, and some states will not require documents mentioned here.

Claim Filing Forms

To file the initial claim the employee will need to turn in all of the required documentation for the state in which they are filing. They should also be sure to retain a copy of these forms for their records. The exact nature and number of these forms will differ state to state, but it is always wise to keep a copy for future reference. Turning the forms in to the states Workers Compensation office should always be done either by hand, in which case the employee should be sure to get a receipt to show the papers were received, or by certified mail, in which case the receipt from the postage should be kept in case any documentation is lost along the way.

Medical Records

When an injured employee files a claim the employer’s insurance company will want to look at the patient’s medical record for several reasons. The first is to determine if they employee has a preexisting condition which they may be attempting to file for. The insurance company will also view the medical records to if the patients injuries are as severe as described. The states laws vary, in some states the patient may have to grant permission before their record is released to the insurance company. In other, Minnesota for instance the doctor is permitted to release the medical record in cases of workers comp without the patients expressed permission.

Doctor Visits and Prescriptions

Before their claim is filed the patient will have to go to the doctor and receive a note that verifies they are unable to carry out their duties, this note should be retained. After the patients claim has been filed they will be required to return to the doctors many times. The employee should retain the receipts, notes, worker status reports and any other forms from these visits, to show that they did attend all their scheduled appointments. In addition, the patina should retain all prescription forms and receipts from the pharmacy to show that they were receiving and taking the prescriptions described in the doctors notes.

Physical Therapy

If the doctor assigned to the injured employee prescribes physical therapy, this prescription should be kept in the patients records. In addition all documentation from the appointments and turned into the correct officials.


If an employee suffers an emotional trauma do to something they saw or experienced at work, in most states they will be eligible for workers compensation. As with visiting a physician the employee will need to keep all records of their visits to the psychologist, as well as any other documentation associated.