Work Injury Training

AAA Medical Solutions is San Antonio’s leading provider of comprehensive medical care and treatment of workplace related injuries. Under the lead of Dr. Richard Alexander, AAA Medical solutions team of medical professionals are experts in workplace injury treatment, their in depth knowledge of workplace injuries offers a foundation for the provision of work injury training.

Work related accidents causing injury are among the most preventable reasons for trips to doctor’s offices and hospital emergency rooms in the United States. Decades of employee safety training, improvements in industry safety standards, mandatory use of personal protective equipment, legislated occupational safety and health programs, and workplace inspections by government agencies have contributed to a significant decrease in workplace accidents and injuries. Rates of injury per 100 full time positions have fallen from 10.9 incidents in 1972 to under 4 incidents in 2011. However, as is the case with all preventable accidents, there remains room for improvement in safety in the work environment.

The understanding of the preventability of workplace injuries is underscored by the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ report on non-fatal workplace injuries in 2011. The report indicates that the most common sources of injury are floors, walkways and ground surfaces. As there is little room to improve the safety of floors, other methods must be found to mitigate their alarmingly risky disposition. Work injury training; providing employees with the knowledge to evaluate and rectify potentially dangerous work environments and practices are crucial in reducing the rate of workplace injuries. Slips, trips and falls, the real culprits behind most floor related injuries, can be avoided when employees are given the tools to identify high risk situations.

The cost workplace injury in America is astronomical. One study estimated that the total cost of workplace injuries and illnesses in 2007 was approximately $250 billion. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, also known as OSHA, employers pay almost $1 billion weekly on worker’s compensation insurance. The indirect cost of workplace injuries is significant as well. Indirect costs include loss of productivity; training new employees, repair to equipment and higher insurance rates.

Common safety violations cited by OSHA during workplace inspections include:

  • Hazardous scaffolding
  • Insufficient fall protection equipment
  • Unsafe use of ladders
  • Incorrect electrical wiring
  • Mandatory safety equipment deficiencies
  • Electrical equipment improperly tagged

Employers in the service and industry sectors, private and public, are invited to take place in the first rate work injury training opportunities available through AAA Medical Solutions. Education is vital in building a safety-oriented workforce, a workforce committed to the highest level of safety standards. Injuries resulting from workplace accidents are preventable, and AAA Medical Solutions can provide the training necessary to identify and rectify gaps in safety throughout the workplace. We look forward to working with employers to increase safety awareness and reduce the number of work related injuries in our community.

While training the Employer on the Safety issues there is another topic that also needs to be discussed. When lifting heavy equipment or slouching it is imperative that the employee know that there is a wrong way and a right way that need to be addressed. Proper braces to support the back are always recommended when there is extensive walking or lifting.

AAA Medical Solutions will educate our patients in preventing future injuries that can occur due to lack of knowledge in the work force.