Worker's Compensation Knee and Leg Injuries

In the workplace, a large portion of injuries are received on the knees and legs. Injuries to these areas do not have to be very severe to cause a great deal of suffering, and leave the employee unable to carry out their duties without being in pain. There are three main types of injuries that are common in worker’s compensation claims.

Knee Injuries: The knee is one of the easiest parts of the body for an active person to injury. Injuries are commonly incurred through falls, while lifting heavy loads, or even just when climbing or descending stairs. Twisting the knee in the wrong direction while standing or walking can also result in a painful and debilitating injury. Overuse injuries are perhaps the most common work place injury to the knee. In addition, the knee is used almost constantly, and even when sitting the knee if constantly flexed, and extended. This constant motion means that even a relatively small injury will not have time to heal properly on its own and a minor injury can be quickly exasperated into something larger.

Leg Injuries: Like the knee, and injury to the leg can be debilitating to an active employee. Leg injuries can make stand, walking around, or even sitting painful, and even impossible. The leg can be injured in a variety of ways. Various types of overuse injuries are among the most common for worker’s compensation injury cases. Overuse injuries to the leg can include shin splints caused by walking constantly on a hard store floor, or be stress fractures due to minor but repetitive impacts from something like a cart or a drawer. Other common injuries to the leg include lacerations, or cuts received from sharp edges. The leg is commonly fractured, or in severe cases even broken in car crashes or due to a fall. Leg injuries due to being pinned or trapped in machinery have also been reported.

Ankle Injuries: While the ankle is technically not part of the knee or leg, it also bears mention, since the injuries are often related and have a similar effect on the injured employee. Like with the knee and the leg, ankle injuries are commonly caused by overuse. Overuse injuries are commonly reported in cases related to occupations that require the employee to lift and carry heavy loads. Ankle injuries can also be caused when an employee jumps down stairs, or off a loading dock. Even if it is not a long way down the ankle can still be hurt. Falling, and pivoting wrong on the ankle are also common ways of hurting the joint. These injuries commonly result in torn or ruptured ligaments.

How Does a Doctor Help?

Leg, Knee and ankle injuries can be easy to ignore, and to convince yourself that the pain will fade away eventually, or that there is nothing that can be done. This is not true however, and a skilled medical professional will be able to help alleviate the pain, if not fix the problem altogether.

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