Workplace Injuries and Therapy Rehabilitation

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 3.8 million workplace related injuries and illnesses were reported in 2011. Workplace injuries are among the most commonly reported injuries in the United States. Rates of injury in 2011 were 3.5 incidents per 100 full time employees in the private sector, and 5.7 incidents per 100 full time positions in the public sector. The industries reporting most frequent work related injuries were construction, transportation and warehousing, agriculture, forestry, and fishing and hunting.

In Texas, roughly 80 percent of the workforce is covered by worker’s compensation insurance. When receiving medical attention it is important for the patient to declare that the injury took place at work, and for the Doctor to ask appropriate workplace injury related questions. Appropriate patient intake screening will determine if the patient is entitled to worker’s compensation benefits. Once an injury is determined to be workplace related, the medical office is responsible for following state guidelines for reporting, billing and treatment.

After the immediate injury is treated there is often a period of rehabilitation required to ensure the quickest possible recovery and return to work. Choosing the right therapist is crucial in creating the best environment and conditions for rapid recovery. Aside from work absence, untreated injuries can result in chronic pain and permanent damage, affecting all facets of quality of life.

Worker’s compensation benefits are calculated based on time of recovery or potential for recovery. Once it is determined that the maximum medical benefit has been achieved, compensation levels are recalculated. This complicated formula can be overwhelming for injured workers. Finding a medical team adept at navigating the world of worker’s compensation rules and regulations will save headaches and ensure maximum protection for the injured employee.

AAA Medical Solutions in San Antonio, Texas is proud to offer the region’s most qualified professional medical team for workplace injury rehabilitation and therapy. Dr. Richard Alexander and his team are certified to deal with all workplace related injuries. From immediate care, to working with Therapists and monitoring progress, AAA Medical Solutions provides specialized therapy regimens tailored to the patient’s injury. Specialization means that the patient benefits from the team’s experience and has access to the most state of the art diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

AAA Medical Solutions has extensive working knowledge of the worker’s compensation system in Texas. Familiarity with insurance companies and state regulators ensures that the patient will receive the maximum benefit that he is entitled to under his worker’s compensation insurance. Our expert team works for the patient, optimizing quality of care in order to ensure a safe rehabilitation process that is as complete as medically possible.

At AAA Medical Solutions pride is taken in the fundamental philosophy that the patient’s considerations come first when treating injury. We understand that the patient’s top priorities are in achieving the full benefit of workplace injury rehab therapy, maintaining quality of life, and returning to work. We are pleased to offer the best comprehensive therapy for workplace injury rehabilitation in the San Antonio area.